Monthly special: Release Old Programming

This reading will help clear outdated programs and remove limiting beliefs and blocks. 

During the reading, I will look at misalignments in your family programming and relationships and bring them into present time.

It’s great for those wanting to release negative family cycles and limiting thoughts.


Grounding and Energy Balancing

Feeling disconnected or out of your body? This reading is perfect for anyone who wants to get back in the zone as well as learn how to work with their inner voice to restore peace and a more positive outlook.

Reading includes grounding work and feedback on your aura – specifically your current physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state.

We receive information about where your energy is and more importantly where it wants to be so that you may get re-aligned. When you are back in balance, you will be able to see more clearly the next step along your path.

Soul Alignment Reading

Chakras connect us to the soul and reveal information about our life-purpose, relationships, emotions, struggles, creativity and opportunities for growth. During the reading, I identify chakras that are blocked and give you feedback on the energy. This will help you discover what beliefs and fears keep you stuck in the same place, unable to move forward.

I provide healing work to shift heavy energy and bring new information to light.  This reading is perfect for anyone who wants a stronger connection to themselves and the divine.


Relationship Reading** 

Is your relationship built on co-dependency or unconditional love? Do you fear intimacy? Have a hard time being vulnerable or put too many expectations on your partner?

This reading is a wonderful way to clear the male and female roles that each of us brings to a relationship.

During the session, I will take a look at how the relationship is affecting your mental and emotional well-being and suggest different ways for you to interact as well as to refocus your energy.

We track the patterns and behaviors that each of you brings to the dynamic so that it is possible to connect from a much deeper place and experience a whole-hearted love.

**Great for individuals or couples


Career Reading

Whether you are looking to take a step in your career or wanting to make an existing situation better, an intuitive career reading is for you!

This reading focuses on the energy around you and your career and can often reveal hidden talents and gifts.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get connected to what motivates you so that you can get more in alignment with your goals.

Learn how to access your own intuition for inspired ideas and to create with passion and joy.

Sessions include a deep energetic cleanse to release blocks and limiting beliefs that inhibit growth and success. At the end of each session I give you exercises and tools to help you on your path.


Female Empowerment Reading

This powerful reading gets you in touch with your creative energy, balances male/female energies and validates your female power. A female reading is a great way to bring you more into present time as well as focus on topics specific to the feminine divine.

One aspect of the reading is to bring attention to pictures, emotions and beliefs stored in the female channel. It is not uncommon to see female archetypes, stereotypes and other societal roles from our ancestral past getting in the way of you connecting to your own power and information.

During the reading, I do healing work specifically on limiting thoughts, and beliefs so you can let go of old programs and create new paradigms. Learn how to trust yourself and to find the joy within.

 Pet Psychic Reading

Animals are sensitive expressive creatures! The pet psychic reading is wonderful for any pet guardian who wants a deeper understanding of his or her beloved pet.

Created specifically for animals with behavioral, social and emotional issues. Learn what is going on and receive healing work to help resolve it.

This reading can help alleviate the stress of transitioning a new pet into a home with existing pets.

Cord cutting Reading

Any time you have a significant relationship with someone, a cord of attachment is created between you both.

When a cord of attachment exists, it’s hard to separate the energy of the connected person, so it’s easy to take on their challenges and growth periods. 

Cutting a cord of attachment will help you emotionally and energetically disconnect from a past relationship or heal a present one.  

Focused Topic Reading

Focused question(s) and energy work on a specific topic or goal.
Topics can include:

  • Pet communication

  • Communication with a loved one who has passed on

  • Dreams

  • Personal, emotional & spiritual growth

  • Past lives



Tiffany Jane Challis

Featured in Daily Candy

Featured in Daily Candy