Food Inc

Aligning Energy with Action

Through my energy work with living beings, I developed a love of animals that is so strong, that the thought of harming one is unimaginable.

This feeling was cemented when I started watching documentaries such as “What the Health” and “Food Inc.” These films expose the conditions of farm animals raised for meat and other products like eggs and milk.

If you put aside the brutality of butchering animals for meat, animals in factory farms still live in cramped, filthy conditions. They are fed drugs and genetically altered to produce more things for us to consume.

Even aside from the animal rights issues, there are worker safety issues and environmental impacts to farming animals on a large scale!

As an energy reader and someone who strives to be in spiritual alignment, I had to take action!

The first change I made was to stop eating meat and become a vegetarian. Once I started down this path, I quickly realized I couldn't stop there, so I became a vegan.

Being vegan means that I don't eat any animal products like meat, eggs, dairy or honey. Honey is the one product that always catches people off guard. When it comes to clothing, I don't wear anything that is made from silk, wool, or leather. 

A common criticism of people who speak up for animal rights is that they are so focused on animals they can be blind to the suffering of people.

Not me! Through my energy work, I know that we all connected. Therefore I give a lot of thought to every decision I make, so that I can be as humane, caring and loving to everyone. 

For example, if I know that a product is manufactured in a third world country where wages are low and conditions are inhumane, then I won't buy the product. 

I believe we should treat one another with respect and kindness, so I feel responsible for those who are vulnerable and do not have a voice. I will send healing energy to the company so that they can do better and treat their workers and the environment better.

By becoming aware of how my actions affect others and the environment, I can make decisions to reduce the negative effects. Take palm oil for instance: palm oil is found in all kinds of products ranging from snack foods to fuel. The industry is notorious for deforestation, pollution, and the extinction of animals and indigenous cultures.

As a consumer, I choose to avoid palm oil products and instead use my resources to find complementary products that are more ethical and sustainable – and are made closer to home!

Living in alignment and taking a stand doesn’t happen overnight. However, by continually reflecting on your choices and making incremental improvements, you can make the lives of other living beings better, support your local community and help become a guardian of the planet.