Creating from your Soul instead of Your Ego

When you want to bring change into your life, how can you tell if it’s motivated by your higher self or your physical self?

Discerning between the two can be a challenge, but over time, you can start to tell the difference emotionally and energetically.

The first thing to become conscious of is why you are creating the change i.e. what is your intention?

Are you doing it to seek approval, power and financial gain? Or, are you doing it because it’s going to allow you to expand and grow and express more of your true self?

Egos thrive in competition and tend to see everything in black and white.
When your ego is running the show, you will have a hard time relinquishing any control to others. You will also tend to try and dominate situations and others.

When you are working in tandem with your Soul, you feel empowered and you can cope with uncertainty while things unfold and reveal themselves. You will develop a new trust in life and yourself. You will begin to notice the role that synchronicity plays in your life.

Egos are invested in what other people think and so they create out of fear and insecurity. Fear is a very low vibration. When you create using fear, you will be in effort and force things. It won’t be much fun and it will feel like hard work!

Connecting with your spiritual energy will allow you to create in unique ways so you can express yourself and your ideas. The Soul creates out of love, joy, inspiration and enthusiasm. When you are confronted with a challenge or an obstacle, you will intuitively find a solution and know that in the end everything will work out.

Your ego will lead you to believe that you and you alone are responsible for your creativity, that you personally need to make everything happen and that the answers you are looking for are outside of you.

When you are aligned to your spirit, you begin to operate on an entirely different level of reality. When you are in flow, you transcend the physical world to access pure creativity and inspiration. There is an organic flow to what you do and a sense of timelessness!

When you think about what you want to create, how does it make you feel? You should continually ask yourself!

Why am I doing this? Is it for recognition, pride, to feel secure or is it because it makes me happy, connected and motivated by helping others?

Pay attention to how it feels in your body. Does it feel like you have a knot in your stomach, tightness or a headache, or does it feel light and expansive?

Start to check in with yourself so you can learn to distinguish the difference between the two voices.

Answering the Call

Do you long to follow your spirit, but struggle with change and uncertainty?

Are you just going through the motions in life? Do you feel dead inside?

This week I watched a documentary, Raw Faith that really inspired me.

[Spoiler Alert!!]

The film follows Marilyn Sewell, a sixty something Unitarian Minister in Portland, on her journey as she lets go of her old life and begins to walk a new path.

We see her struggle with the burdens that come with being a Minister. She is devoted to her flock and reserves very little time for herself.

In the course of the film, she allows herself to deal with her family history and heal old wounds that affect her ability to feel secure in a relationship.

She is eventually forced to confront her loneliness and it becomes clear that she is craving the love and intimacy that comes with being in a committed relationship.

Marilyn is often anxious and scared, yet despite this she continues to trust that on a soul level, the new path is the only way forward for her.

When Marilyn least expects it, and seemingly out of no-where, she meets George, the love of her life!

Following a new path takes great faith! It requires you to be open and willing to surrender control, specifically around the details like the “when” and the “how”.

Faith requires you to be uncomfortable not knowing what your exact next step will be, to trust that there is a path for you, especially when you are facing moments of extreme uncertainty, doubt, anxiety and fear.

Faith will allow you to let go of things that are keeping you stuck like a profitable but emotionally empty career or a comfortable relationship without passion.

Faith is the answer to a call from deep within. It’s the vehicle to arrive at your spirit’s greatest potential.

When you allow this energy to influence your decisions, you will tap into your own intuition, experience synchronicity and be open and receptive to new possibilities!!!

An Introduction to the Chakras - 7th Chakra


 OFFICIAL NAME: Crown chakra

WHERE IT IS IN THE BODY: Top of the Head

COLOR: Violet

The crown chakra is located at the top of your head and connects you to your spiritual energy. This chakra is associated with knowledge, understanding, awareness and your relationship to the divine.  It allows you to be at one with the Universe and experience the interconnectedness of life.


  • You to seek out your own answers and spiritual truth
  • Use life force energy to heal yourself
  • Act in selfless ways
  • Be open to divine timing and synchronicity
  • And finally, you will be in flow with life and realize the cyclic nature of all things.


  •  You are depressed and feel apathetic towards life
  • Your self-worth is tied up in outward appearances like your looks, a relationship, a job.
  • You believe you are too busy and don’t have time for daily reflection or meditation
  • You are afraid to walk your spiritual path because of all the changes you might have to make or things you might have to give up.
  • Your spiritual growth is dependent on or controlled by others.

By having a healthy and balanced 7th chakra you will become totally open to the divine and experience higher states of consciousness. When your 7th chakra is fully open be prepared to transcend the ordinary and experience pure joy and bliss!