Near Death Experience

You, Me and NDE

Last week, I shared some of my personal experiences with death. This week, I thought it would be helpful to expand on that and talk about consciousness in terms of how it transcends death.

Currently, Western medical and scientific thinking describes consciousness as something that takes place in the brain. In other words, everything that makes you "you" can be found in some part of the brain.

Patients who are declared brain dead-when there is absolutely no activity in the brain-often report Near Death Experiences (NDEs). These experiences fly in the face of the brain-as-consciousness model.

So far, hundreds of NDEs have been reported and nearly all patients describe the same scenarios. These include floating outside of their bodies, watching events in the room and traveling through tunnels of white light. The clinically dead person can describe everything that was happening between the doctors and nurses once they are resuscitated.

Skeptics say that this has to do with electrochemical reactions in the brain causing hallucinations as it is shutting down. Clearly, this fails to account for all of the things that happen. It's worth noting, these individuals have no brain activity for extended periods of time while they are having these experiences.

Skeptics are refusing to accept that there is a non-physical component to consciousness. Some call it spark of life, spirit, soul, metaphysical consciousness, etc... Whatever you call it, it is the thing that connects you to the Universe, and continues on even when the brain is not functioning.

Based on my own work, I have found that all living things have a soul. This soul consists of the chakras, the aura and the metaphysical consciousness. The metaphysical consciousness is the companion to the brain and provides the awareness during death and NDEs.

We will explore these concepts more in upcoming blogs, particularly what happens to the soul when you die.

I would love to hear from you, so feel free to leave comments with your own thoughts and beliefs.