Break the Cycle of Boredom

Last week, I re-watched one of the newer Star Trek movies.

In this particular movie, the scene opens with Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) sitting in the Enterprise bridge. 

Kirk and his crew are on a space mission and they have been traveling for years.

Each day is tedious and a repetition of the previous day. Kirk is depressed, lonely and bored.

Does this sound familiar? Are you stuck in a cycle of tedium? Do you feel that life is passing you by?  

If this is the case, it might be a sign that something in your life is misaligned spiritually and that it's time to make a change. 

Common Feelings of Misalignment
-Feeling stuck
-Fear of trying new things
-Feeling blocked
-Feeling disconnected from your intuition
-Feeling shutdown

The first step in getting realigned is to acknowledge that there is a problem, that something is out of sync.

Tune into yourself to get clarity on what's not working. Take notes, write down the problem. Keep a journal.

Anytime you are about to make a change in your life, it’s a good idea to get an intuitive reading. Don’t make changes out of panic or because you’re reacting to something. You should make intentional changes that are guided by your higher self.

Take action to create your change. Even small steps in the right direction make a big difference.

Finally, you should accept that continual change is a part of life and get comfortable with the process.


Being a Cat Mom

Recently, I went on a trip and had to leave my precious cat babies - Moxie and Penny - for over a week.

No big deal, right? It shouldn’t have been except that my cat kids have a schedule that includes: supervised playtime outdoors on a deck, home-cooked meals and non-stop attention and pampering. 

The day before my trip, I had a sinking feeling. I had the realization that -SHOCK HORROR - Moxie and Penny would only be getting two meals a day and not their customary three (actually…more like six). What can I say, they have elevensies, afternoon tea, lunch, dinner, supper…what can I say…they’re my babies!!!

My wonderful neighbor and cat lover Chrissie looks after them while I am gone. Up until recently, she worked nearby and could dash home to give PenMo lunch. However, she had just started a new job and this was not going to be possible.

I quickly looked online to see if I could find a pet sitter to give them lunch and compliment the care “Aunt Chrissie” was going to be giving them.

It turned out to be a hassle to find someone so I decided to just hope for the best.

The first couple of days were fine. I was checking in with Chrissie via email and PenMo (PENny and MOxie) psychically via Universal Energy.

Day 5: A panicked Chrissie called to tell me that Penny wasn’t eating and seemed off.

She wanted to know if Penny should go to the vet.

This is when it’s great to be psychic! I said, “just give me 10 minutes to find out what’s going on”.

I set my energy and connected to Penny.

YIKES! This little lady was mad! All I saw around her first (survival) chakra was a red, irritated energy. And yes - animals have chakras too.

Penny was furious that I had left her. She psychically told me that she was bored and wanted to go outside on the deck. She showed me through pictures that her brother, Moxie - a senior kitty - was sleeping all day and not much fun.

Penny told me, she wouldn’t eat until something was done about the situation.

I called Chrissie back. I let her know that this wasn’t a medical emergency, and since it was the weekend, asked if she would spend some extra time hanging out with Penny.

Chrissie agreed and even said she could let the cats go out on the deck. The next pet report I got from her was that Penny had made a complete recovery and was lapping up all the extra attention ;-)

Any time there is an emotional, behavioral or medical issue with any one of my pets I always do a psychic reading on them. They love it and are very open when I communicate with them this way.

If you are interested in getting a psychic check-in on one of your pets click here.

Penny "The Diva" Challis

Penny "The Diva" Challis



Where’s Your Happy Place?

Do you have a special place you go to when you need to relax and unwind? Do you have a quiet sanctuary to go to when you feel stressed about relationships, work, money or life?

When we become disconnected, these are the places that naturally bring us back into a calm, relaxed and blissed-out state. These environments help reconnect us to our mind, body and spirit.

Okay, perfect! Problem solved…except maybe you can’t always escape to your special place when you need to.

To make matters worse, maybe you are required to be in an environment that is particularly chaotic and stressful – the exact opposite of what you need when you feel out of alignment.

What do you do when you need the positive and healing energy of your sanctuary but can’t get there?

The good news is that you have the ability to go to this magical place from anywhere and at any time.

It’s as easy as visualizing yourself in this space and tapping into the flow of energy you experienced while you were there.

The flow of energy is Universal Energy and it runs through everything. There are no limits to what it can do. 

When you are connected to Universal Energy you will notice that there is less conflict and chaos around you and stressful situations will resolve themselves naturally.

Whenever you need to reestablish your connection with the Universe simply close your eyes and create a mental picture of a place where you felt happy, peaceful and calm.

Maybe it’s in your garden surrounded by trees, flowers and birds or it was the last time you were at the beach listening to the sound of waves. The sun is on your face and everything is vibrant and alive.

Let the flow of energy move through every cell in your body and notice how much lighter and open you feel.


Giving Away Your Power

Many of us have been in situations where we have given away our power.

When you give away your power, you literally give your energy to another person.

People give away their power for different reasons:

  • Family, cultural or gender programming
  • Group pressure
  • Idolization or envy of other people
  • Avoidance or apathy
  • Lack of confidence/self-esteem
  • Not wanting to establish healthy boundaries
  • Seeking Approval
  • Fear of speaking up
  • Looking outward for answers rather than within

When you give away your power, you become disconnected from your inner truth and this can cause energetic imbalances and blocks in your body.

The first step in reclaiming your power is to become aware of any interactions or situations that cause you to give it away.

One way to do this is to notice what happens to your third chakra.  The third chakra is in your solar plexus and is responsible for personal power. When you are giving away your power this area will feel tight, tense and nervous.

Start by taking a few deep breaths and tune into this area.

Breathe gold light down through your body. Let the gold light soak into your solar plexus and expand into your belly. Feel it melting away any tension and heavy energy before exhaling out. Repeat until you feel calm and your sense of power has been restored.

If you are still feeling unempowered, it can be a sign that you have a blocked third chakra – your power center.  If this is the case, then it might be time for a third chakra tune up and rebalancing reading.

Third Chakra Tune Up

This reading will look at any areas of your life where you are giving away your power. During the reading, I will unblock and re-align your third chakra. This will help you start to make more empowered choices that complement your unique spiritual path.


Aligning Energy with Action

Through my energy work with living beings, I developed a love of animals that is so strong, that the thought of harming one is unimaginable.

This feeling was cemented when I started watching documentaries such as “What the Health” and “Food Inc.” These films expose the conditions of farm animals raised for meat and other products like eggs and milk.

If you put aside the brutality of butchering animals for meat, animals in factory farms still live in cramped, filthy conditions. They are fed drugs and genetically altered to produce more things for us to consume.

Even aside from the animal rights issues, there are worker safety issues and environmental impacts to farming animals on a large scale!

As an energy reader and someone who strives to be in spiritual alignment, I had to take action!

The first change I made was to stop eating meat and become a vegetarian. Once I started down this path, I quickly realized I couldn't stop there, so I became a vegan.

Being vegan means that I don't eat any animal products like meat, eggs, dairy or honey. Honey is the one product that always catches people off guard. When it comes to clothing, I don't wear anything that is made from silk, wool, or leather. 

A common criticism of people who speak up for animal rights is that they are so focused on animals they can be blind to the suffering of people.

Not me! Through my energy work, I know that we all connected. Therefore I give a lot of thought to every decision I make, so that I can be as humane, caring and loving to everyone. 

For example, if I know that a product is manufactured in a third world country where wages are low and conditions are inhumane, then I won't buy the product. 

I believe we should treat one another with respect and kindness, so I feel responsible for those who are vulnerable and do not have a voice. I will send healing energy to the company so that they can do better and treat their workers and the environment better.

By becoming aware of how my actions affect others and the environment, I can make decisions to reduce the negative effects. Take palm oil for instance: palm oil is found in all kinds of products ranging from snack foods to fuel. The industry is notorious for deforestation, pollution, and the extinction of animals and indigenous cultures.

As a consumer, I choose to avoid palm oil products and instead use my resources to find complementary products that are more ethical and sustainable – and are made closer to home!

Living in alignment and taking a stand doesn’t happen overnight. However, by continually reflecting on your choices and making incremental improvements, you can make the lives of other living beings better, support your local community and help become a guardian of the planet.


"For me, love is the most important force. It moves the universe." - Laura Esquivel

February is the month we celebrate love and all the joyous ways it makes us feel.

There are many ways you can experience love: through family, a significant other, friends, pets, finding your purpose, volunteering, art, nature and let’s not forget loving yourself!

Before you can truly love someone else, you must first be able to feel love for yourself. Loving yourself is all about self-acceptance and waking up to your true self.

Self-love is a continual cycle of:
Self-discovery – seeking to understand who you are as spirit
Self-improvement – committing to growth and being open to change
Self-acceptance – forgiving yourself and having trust in yourself

Staying connected to your heart and higher self is the best way that you can strengthen and nurture a positive and loving relationship with yourself.

Take a few minutes each day to fill yourself up with love. Take a few deep breaths and see and feel a gold light coming down through the top of your head. This gold light is Universal Love. Continue to breathe in this incredible gold light and send it down throughout your entire body. With each breath feel this energy filling up each cell and radiating love.


Manifesting 101

The beginning of the year is a great time to hit the reset button and get clear about what you want to manifest for the upcoming year.

To start, think about all the areas in your life where you would like to see a change. I tend to focus on personal growth, career, relationships, spirituality, health and wellness, animals, financial goals and healing the planet.

Write down what you want to manifest. Be specific. Once you are clear about what you want, you will be able to take steps to make it make it happen.

Visualize and imagine that what you want has already happened. Tune into how good it feels. If you can see it, you can make it happen.

Don’t let anything come between you and what you want to manifest. For example, I often hear “I can't do this because I don't have the money", or “I can’t take that first step because I don’t have enough experience”.  It's amazing how opportunities open up once you take the first step and commit to your new endeavor.

Begin to cultivate a deeper connection with yourself through meditation. This is when you can relax and trust that you are working in tandem with Universal Energy. Also, meditation is a fertile space where inspiration and new ideas will reveal themselves.

When inspiration hits, act on it! Manifesting is a partnership with the Universe. When you don’t act on an opportunity that comes directly from Universal Energy, you will lose steam.

Finally, as you look at everything that you want to manifest in 2018, learn how to stay positive. The energy that you generate by staying positive brings more lightness to your life. You will notice more and more positive things happening as a result of your positivity.

Let's be adventurous and fearless this year! Let's put ourselves out there and manifest all the things that we have only been dreaming about!


Dreams and Goals

Do you have a dream or goal that seems unreachable? The time to make it happen is now!

The biggest obstacles to achieving your dreams are perfect pictures. Perfect pictures block your creative energy and foster unrealistic beliefs about the way things "should" or "ought" to be.  When you create a perfect picture, you obsess over every detail and exert effort to make it happen.

When you have a goal or intention, you should simply put it out there and let it unfold.

The first thing to do is set a simple goal to provide a starting point and help get you moving.

Write it down so you can come back to it.

Set aside a little time each day to work on this space.

Meditation is a beautiful way to get in touch with your intuition and gain insight into next steps to reach your goal.

Stay in present time so you can remain open to new ideas and experiences.

Find a community of like-minded people to nourish and feed your dream!

Hang out and talk with other people on a similar path or journey. It's a wonderful way to stay motivated and inspired.

Remember, it's never too late to make a dream come true!


How Spirituality Can Help with Anxiety

I don’t know about you, but I have certainly had my fair share of anxiety-provoking situations.
These situations are never easy and they tend to manifest in the lower chakras – the survival and Earth-bound chakras!

Over time, I have developed ways to deal with anxiety thanks to my spiritual practice, mindful breathing and a daily grounding meditation.

Spirituality allows you to attain a more philosophical mindset and you begin to see that everything tends to work out. You come to understand that, while you can’t control forces outside of yourself, you can control how you feel about yourself. This allows you to stay healthy and positive.

You realize that your energy is most effective at manifesting your goals when you are in the present moment.

For me, one way to alleviate anxiety is by focusing on my breathing. It’s not hard.

Breathing & Grounding Exercise

Relax your shoulders and tilt your head back slightly.

Breathe in through your nose – be sure to inhale slowly and send air down to fill up your belly and not just your lungs. Sometimes it helps to put your hands on your belly to feel it expand.

Exhale slowly out through your mouth. Keep your jaw relaxed and extend your breath for as long as you can.

Try making a gentle audible sound when you exhale so that you can focus on and extend the breathing cycle.

Repeat this at least three times or until you start to calm down. This should calm your nervous system and slow your heart rate.

Once your breathing is under control, your next step will be to create a grounding cord to help continue to release anxiety from your physical, emotional and mental being.

Once grounded, you will notice your mind quieting and your body relaxing. This will make space for you to access your spiritual information and break free of the cycle of fear and anxiety!

If you truly want to overcome anxiety, I recommend finding a spiritual practice that will help you change the way you think about yourself and the world around you.

The next time you are confronted with a situation that induces anxiety, rather than convince yourself that the worst is about to happen, apply your enlightened mindset to the situation and notice if you feel stronger and more optimistic. Allow these feelings to inspire you into action!

A Chakra Rebalancing Meditation

This exercise can be done anytime you feel tired, stressed or stuck.

Make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and exhale out.

Allow your breathing to become more and more relaxed.

Rub your hands together. Feel the energy.

Now take your hands and lightly place them at the base of your spine – the root chakra. This chakra is red.  Your root chakra keeps you grounded and helps you navigate everyday life. Now picture a ball of red light glowing in this area. This is actual energy, not just a picture in your mind’s eye. With each breath start to feel more anchored and secure. Breathe in red light and let this energy rebalance your first chakra.

Now place your hands about two inches below your belly button – the sacral chakra. This chakra is orange. Breathe in healing orange light and direct it to this area. As you continue to flood the sacral chakra with orange energy - let go of any emotional energy, stress or discomfort.  Be here a moment and let the orange energy rebalance your second chakra.

Gently move your hands and rest them on your upper abdomen– the solar plexus chakra. This chakra is yellow. Deeply inhale yellow light into this area and let go of any negative thoughts, emotions and past experiences. Spend some time allowing the solar plexus chakra to rebalance itself.

Next, put your hands on your chest - the heart chakra. This chakra is green and symbolizes self–love and love for others. With each breath, allow more and more love into your heart. Feel at peace as harmony flows through your chest and rebalances your heart chakra.

Now move your hands to your neck – the throat chakra. This chakra is a vibrant blue color. Here is where you communicate your truth to the world and where you express to others the beauty you see. Feel this blue energy soaking into your throat chakra and restoring balance.

Next place your hands on your forehead - the third eye chakra. This chakra is an indigo color. This is your intuition and wisdom center - where you see and align to knowledge. Breathe in indigo and let this energy rebalance your third eye chakra.

Now gently touch the top of your head - the crown chakra. This chakra is purple. This is your connection to Universal Energy – U.E is everywhere and in everyone. Deeply breathe in purple and allow a feeling of oneness and connectedness to rebalance your crown charka and spread down throughout your body.

Now spend a few minutes tuning in to your 7 chakras and experience them healthy, balanced and open.

Continue to breathe. When you are ready gently open your eyes.