Featured in 2013 San Francisco Alternative Wellness Guide

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Tiffany has been an invaluable resource for both my business and for me personally. She is a true mentor in life and has taught me to listen to my instincts and to trust in myself. If ever I have questions or feel ungrounded she is the first person I call. I can always count on Tiffany to tell me what I need to hear even if it’s not always what I want to hear. This honestly and integrity has moved my business and my personal life into a place of growth and creativity that wouldn’t exist without her. Tiffany has a sparkle of kindness and truth that is rare in this world and she is a gift to all those who know her.
Michelle Lawton, Founder
Stretch the Imagination

Tiffany has been in my life for about the past 7 years when I turned to her for some balance and mindfulness before those words were something we strived for with consciousness. I just knew I was feeling a little off balance and needed some outside help. Tiffany has been a faithful part of my arsenal that allows to me face life with a positive lens. She helps distill down what all the voices in my head are saying and brings them into present time. This way I am able to face them in a constructive way.

Among the many topics Tiffany helped me, career was a repeat offender. When I launched my own agency three years ago, it was a no-brainer to bring Tiffany into the mix. We’re a highly collaborative, connected group of people who work hard. Curating a culture is important to me and Tiffany is a huge part of that. She first started as everyone’s holiday gift. There was such a favorable response that we have now integrated her into our fold regularly. For MKMCreative, it is important she focuses on both personal and professional as that is what makes up a whole person and one can often impact the other. Whether we spend time with her individually or as a group meditating, she always brings us back into our bodies.

In addition, Tiffany gives us tools that we can use long after she is gone: how to stay grounded (bad thoughts go into the dead roses and are deleted and good thoughts go into the fresh, beautiful, full roses and stay above us all day), breathing and wishing everyone well, particularly those you feel a little salty about. If we’re in a particularly stressful phase or our work hours seem like they’ll never end and we’re looking for solutions, someone will always suggest Tiffany. Without fail, the team is refreshed, reinvigorated, motivated and focused as a result of interfacing with her.

It’s important for MKMCreative to ensure everyone lives a holistic, happy well-balanced life — a key way for us to achieve is through our consistent partnership with Tiffany. As a wonderful benefit, she is a delightful quirky bird with sound solutions of how to keep it all together.
Marcy Karpowitz, Founder

I would consider myself a spiritual person but not religious. I had never been to see anyone like Tiffany before and was a little nervous on my first visit. The moment I met her I was put at ease by her warmth and
sincerity. Now I am continually amazed, humbled and energized every time I come and work with Tiffany. It is such a gift to have her be a part of my life. She is intuitive, insightful, caring, encouraging, motivating, truthful, informative, warm…I could go on.

She has helped me see in myself what I already knew but was afraid to own and has shown me parts of myself that I was not aware of and now I embrace. She has helped me do internal work that is both tough and fulfilling at the same time. With her help I have found a new energy for life that I had never had before.

I would encourage anyone who is open to personal change to let Tiffany help guide you on your journey.
A continued thanks to you Tiffany!