Business Services

I work with many companies teaching meditation and grounding workshops in addition to providing readings to employers and employees.

An intuitive business reading pinpoints problematic energy in the work environment, sheds light on new opportunities and fosters positive connections between colleagues and clients.


A taste of what you can expect

Reduced anxiety and fear

Improved focus and clarity

Increased energy and creativity

Access to intuitive/gut decisions

Synergy between team members

Greater trust and confidence



$300 per Business Reading 



I can work with anyone regardless of how much experience he or she has with the mind, body connection.

Sessions can be individual or in a group setting and are focused on my three step process: Be, Drop and Release

Step 1: BE in the center of your head
Step 2: DROP a cord of energy to anchor your body
Step 3: RELEASE emotions and pictures down your grounding cord.

This process allows you to get grounded, release stress and unproductive emotions and get realigned with your own information and intuition.



$250 per hour,  2 hour minimum


$250 1-5 People per hour
$500 6-10 People per hour
$750 11-15 People per hour
$1000 16 – 20 People per hour
For groups larger than 20 people, please email or call for rates.

If we’re in a particularly stressful phase or our work hours seem like they’ll never end and we’re looking for solutions, someone will always suggest Tiffany. Without fail, the team is refreshed, reinvigorated, motivated and focused as a result of interfacing with her.
— Marcy Karpowitz, Founder MKMCreative
Tiffany has been an invaluable resource for both my business and for me personally. She is a true mentor in life and has taught me to listen to my instincts and to trust in myself...
— Michelle Lawton, Founder Stretch the Imagination