Putting Yourself Out There

There will be times in your life when you feel disengaged from the world.

You might find yourself avoiding connections with new people such as work colleagues, potential friends or love interests.

Maybe you believe that you can't speak up and be yourself and that you must hide from reality.

You might feel stuck, stagnant or bored. Perhaps this boredom is leading to self-destructive behavior...

These are all signs that you need to create new experiences in your life. The best way to do this is to put yourself out there.

But what exactly does it mean to put yourself out there?

It means expanding your comfort zone and doing things that challenge you. It means shaking things up and trying things that you normally wouldn't.

It's about being open and allowing your energy to be more out there.

Practice taking a leap of faith and saying yes to things. Accept an invitation or better yet, initiate something.

Don't be shut down by perfect pictures. Almost any situation is an opportunity for growth if you stay connected and true to yourself.

Don't be afraid of failure or embarrassment! You will regret missed opportunities far more than the occasional stumble.

Putting yourself out there can be uncomfortable. Practice being in the uncomfortable place. Visualize yourself acting in these moments. Practice using breath and gold energy to stay grounded.

Your spirit is constantly working to create new opportunities for personal growth. You'll begin to notice when these moments come up. It feels exciting and organic.