second chakra

A Chakra Rebalancing Meditation

This exercise can be done anytime you feel tired, stressed or stuck.

Make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and exhale out.

Allow your breathing to become more and more relaxed.

Rub your hands together. Feel the energy.

Now take your hands and lightly place them at the base of your spine – the root chakra. This chakra is red.  Your root chakra keeps you grounded and helps you navigate everyday life. Now picture a ball of red light glowing in this area. This is actual energy, not just a picture in your mind’s eye. With each breath start to feel more anchored and secure. Breathe in red light and let this energy rebalance your first chakra.

Now place your hands about two inches below your belly button – the sacral chakra. This chakra is orange. Breathe in healing orange light and direct it to this area. As you continue to flood the sacral chakra with orange energy - let go of any emotional energy, stress or discomfort.  Be here a moment and let the orange energy rebalance your second chakra.

Gently move your hands and rest them on your upper abdomen– the solar plexus chakra. This chakra is yellow. Deeply inhale yellow light into this area and let go of any negative thoughts, emotions and past experiences. Spend some time allowing the solar plexus chakra to rebalance itself.

Next, put your hands on your chest - the heart chakra. This chakra is green and symbolizes self–love and love for others. With each breath, allow more and more love into your heart. Feel at peace as harmony flows through your chest and rebalances your heart chakra.

Now move your hands to your neck – the throat chakra. This chakra is a vibrant blue color. Here is where you communicate your truth to the world and where you express to others the beauty you see. Feel this blue energy soaking into your throat chakra and restoring balance.

Next place your hands on your forehead - the third eye chakra. This chakra is an indigo color. This is your intuition and wisdom center - where you see and align to knowledge. Breathe in indigo and let this energy rebalance your third eye chakra.

Now gently touch the top of your head - the crown chakra. This chakra is purple. This is your connection to Universal Energy – U.E is everywhere and in everyone. Deeply breathe in purple and allow a feeling of oneness and connectedness to rebalance your crown charka and spread down throughout your body.

Now spend a few minutes tuning in to your 7 chakras and experience them healthy, balanced and open.

Continue to breathe. When you are ready gently open your eyes.

An Introduction to the Chakras - 2nd Chakra


 OFFICIAL NAME: Sacral chakra

WHERE IT IS IN THE BODY: in the belly

COLOR: orange

The second chakra relates to your feelings, emotions and sexual energy.

A function of the second chakra is to process information from the external world as well as your five senses to create feelings. The way you feel about something is second chakra energy.

Another ability of the second chakra is to access emotions. Emotions are more internal and are stimulated by a memory, a thought, or a past experience. By tapping into, and not blocking our emotions, we allow a more harmonious flow of energy to move throughout the body. This allows us to heal past pains and create a deeper mind, body connection.

When one is fully attuned to their second chakra, the psychic ability clairsentience is present. Clairsentience is the ability to sense other peoples’ emotions and to demonstrate empathy.


  • Stimulate passion
  • Experience pleasure and use this energy to create in your life
  • Be in touch with your feelings
  • Embrace change
  • Make good decisions, as a result of being in touch with what motivates you


  • Feel guilty about your body and sex
  • See things as black and white (duality)
  • Poor boundaries
  • Emotionally numb
  • Obsessive behavior. Addiction.


Someone with an open second chakra (sexuality) may bounce between many partners, while someone who is closed may avoid even feeling sexual.

Having a balanced second charka will allow you to feel emotionally connected and have healthy relationships. Second Chakra energy is about letting go to get in flow.