"For me, love is the most important force. It moves the universe." - Laura Esquivel

February is the month we celebrate love and all the joyous ways it makes us feel.

There are many ways you can experience love: through family, a significant other, friends, pets, finding your purpose, volunteering, art, nature and let’s not forget loving yourself!

Before you can truly love someone else, you must first be able to feel love for yourself. Loving yourself is all about self-acceptance and waking up to your true self.

Self-love is a continual cycle of:
Self-discovery – seeking to understand who you are as spirit
Self-improvement – committing to growth and being open to change
Self-acceptance – forgiving yourself and having trust in yourself

Staying connected to your heart and higher self is the best way that you can strengthen and nurture a positive and loving relationship with yourself.

Take a few minutes each day to fill yourself up with love. Take a few deep breaths and see and feel a gold light coming down through the top of your head. This gold light is Universal Love. Continue to breathe in this incredible gold light and send it down throughout your entire body. With each breath feel this energy filling up each cell and radiating love.


A Healing Paw

I am a cat mother to two precious felines, Moxie and Josie. Having them in my life brings me daily happiness!

I remember the first time I laid eyes on Josie. Jeremy and I had been talking about adopting a cat and I had been checking out local pet rescue organizations. One morning, I woke up and had a strong feeling that today I would find my baby. I went to and there she was.

Vicky, her foster mom, lived in in San Jose, so we had to drive down to meet her.  When we arrived, Josie was incredibly nervous and hiding under a bed.  I coaxed her out and scooped her into my arms where she snuggled. It was love at first sight!

It took her a few months to relax and open up to us. Initially, she spent a lot of time hiding under a chair. Gradually, she blossomed into the little princess that she is now. Whenever I arrive home she runs to the door to greet me with sweet little meows.

She has the biggest eyes and is very expressive. She will gaze at me and then flop onto her side so I can scratch her tummy. Miss Josie loves nothing better than to sit on my keyboard while I am typing, or tear around as I am talking on the phone. Her energy is so pure and beautiful that it has the power to instantly lift my spirits and open up my heart.

There are many ways that pets heal us. Studies show that people with pets are happier, have less stress, are healthier and feel more connected. Animals are so therapeutic that at military hospitals like Walter Reed in D.C., they're using dogs to help soldiers cope with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Adopting Josie was one of the best things I ever did.

Did you know that there are between 5 and 7 million pets looking for homes right now?

While we can't adopt all of them, we can do our bit to help.
In honor of October being adopt a shelter pet, I will be hosting a healing night with all of the proceeds going to the East Bay Humane Society.

Mark your calendars for Monday October 29th between 6:30pm and 8:30pm @ the Butik

Friends, spouses, partners and children are all welcome!

6:30 – 7:30 PM: Guided meditation. Very relaxing!

7:30 – 8:30 PM: Short energy healings to clean out your chakras and energy channels.

Rather than set a specific amount, I am asking that you contribute whatever amount is most comfortable for you.

If you can't make it there are ways for you to be involved: you can donate directly to the EBHS, sponsor a pet, foster a pet, volunteer or talk to others about adopting a new best friend from a shelter.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. -- Anatole France