What Lies Beneath?

One night last week, I found myself in front of the television. My entertainment...one of those extreme weight loss "turn your life around" shows.

At the beginning of the hour, we were introduced to Bob, a former athlete, who is now a Wisconsin police detective. At 448 lbs., he needs to lose weight, both for his health and to be able to pass a fitness test to keep his job.

It's hard to get a sense of who Bob is underneath all of his extra weight. His energy is heavy and dull. Bob's stories are full of regret and failure for letting his life slip away like this.

A pattern emerges: every time Bob is faced with an uncomfortable or challenging situation, he reaches for food. He can't stop eating!

He is unable to tune into anything that is going on with him, or connect to his emotions, thoughts or feelings.

It becomes clear that Bob is using food to keep him disconnected from his true nature and from creating what he really wants in life.

As Bob's weight loss journey continues, so does his transformation. With each new challenge, more of Bob's energy returns.

While Bob ultimately would have lost his job, this alone was not enough to make him want to lose 253 pounds. He wants his life back! He wants to feel good about himself, to feel healthy and to connect with other people!

As he becomes physically fit, he comes out of his shell emotionally and reaches out to help his community. Bob and a friend do a swim for the Wounded Warrior Project and they raise $5000!

Change happens when you decide what you want and where you want your energy to be. The first step is taking responsibility for your energy and deciding what change you want to create.

Here are a few tips that I use when I am going through a change:

  • Focus on how good this change is going to make you feel. Picture it in your mind and allow your body to already be in this new place.
  • Be open and present to new emotions, thoughts and feelings that may arise as a result of becoming more in tune with yourself.
  • Use grounding to help you release old fears, anxieties and beliefs. For example, you might be someone that believes change is really hard and scary. That you have tried in the past and failed so why try again…
  • Get additional support through groups, blogs, classes and friends, anyone that can relate and validate your journey.
  • When you consciously move your energy to a new level, things in your life will change to support this new state of being. Trust me on this!
  • The more you can relax, the calmer and gentler this process will be on your body.
  • Don't forget to nurture yourself and have fun along the way!

Let me know how it goes!