life of pi


Recently I watched Life of Pi - what an incredible movie!

I love how the story deals with God, religion and faith. There is an openness to matters of spirituality that encourages all belief systems.

**Spoiler Alert - See the movie before reading or skip down!**

One particular scene that resonated with me was near the end of the movie, when Pi was adrift on the lifeboat, exhausted, out of food and about to encounter another life-threatening storm. The situation was dire and he prepared for the worst.

Although he was initially defiant and angry, Pi came to accept his fate. He was no longer afraid or scared, instead he felt blessed and thankful for the wonderful life he was given. He was grateful to the tiger, Richard Parker, for being his companion and giving him purpose while lost at sea.

After Pi entered a state of gratitude, his fortunes changed and he found the island with the meerkats. Like all great books and movies, it's open to interpretation if finding the island was a direct result of his grace and gratitude, but clearly he was in a better place emotionally and spiritually which opened him up to more possibilities.

**End of Spoiler - Safe to read on ;) **

Gratitude has a high vibration like love, forgiveness and acceptance. It allows us to see the goodness in our lives and to be appreciative.

Gratitude does not mean acquiescing or learning to be thankful for something that is undesirable. It means focusing on and being thankful for the larger lessons and opportunities for growth that a challenging situation provides.

Speaking of gratitude, I am in complete gratitude to my wonderful clients! Thank you for joining me on this amazing ride, and supporting me this past year. I have been blessed to do this wonderful work and adore each of you!

As a way to validate and show my appreciation to you, I will be offering a 10% discount on all readings for the month of April.

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