inner peace

Unconditional Love

Leading up to the recent election, I found myself becoming more and more outraged by the words and actions of one of the participants.

Usually, I am able to ground myself and send unconditional love to any situation, but this particular ‘gentleman’ was lighting me up on all fronts!!

When I was able to take a breath and slow down, I began to listen to myself and realized that I was caught up in judgment.

The more I judged him, the more power he had over me. I could feel my energy being drained by this inner conflict.

I was in a jam…. what was I going to do to get back in balance and feel good again?

I was finally able to make the difficult conscious decision to forgive him and to let go of my negative energy around what he was doing.

To do this, I had to tap into Spirit and not rely on my ego, as ego just creates more judgment.

When I align myself to the Universal Consciousness, my awareness opens up and judgment dissipates, creating more ease and inner peace.

I can then see this person how the Universe sees him: happy, emotionally connected and spiritually aligned! All I want for him is to experience unconditional love, harmony and joy.

Unconditional love is the healing energy of the Universe and has the power to move all of humanity along a higher path.

I’m in, are you?