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Break the Cycle of Boredom

Last week, I re-watched one of the newer Star Trek movies.

In this particular movie, the scene opens with Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) sitting in the Enterprise bridge. 

Kirk and his crew are on a space mission and they have been traveling for years.

Each day is tedious and a repetition of the previous day. Kirk is depressed, lonely and bored.

Does this sound familiar? Are you stuck in a cycle of tedium? Do you feel that life is passing you by?  

If this is the case, it might be a sign that something in your life is misaligned spiritually and that it's time to make a change. 

Common Feelings of Misalignment
-Feeling stuck
-Fear of trying new things
-Feeling blocked
-Feeling disconnected from your intuition
-Feeling shutdown

The first step in getting realigned is to acknowledge that there is a problem, that something is out of sync.

Tune into yourself to get clarity on what's not working. Take notes, write down the problem. Keep a journal.

Anytime you are about to make a change in your life, it’s a good idea to get an intuitive reading. Don’t make changes out of panic or because you’re reacting to something. You should make intentional changes that are guided by your higher self.

Take action to create your change. Even small steps in the right direction make a big difference.

Finally, you should accept that continual change is a part of life and get comfortable with the process.



"For me, love is the most important force. It moves the universe." - Laura Esquivel

February is the month we celebrate love and all the joyous ways it makes us feel.

There are many ways you can experience love: through family, a significant other, friends, pets, finding your purpose, volunteering, art, nature and let’s not forget loving yourself!

Before you can truly love someone else, you must first be able to feel love for yourself. Loving yourself is all about self-acceptance and waking up to your true self.

Self-love is a continual cycle of:
Self-discovery – seeking to understand who you are as spirit
Self-improvement – committing to growth and being open to change
Self-acceptance – forgiving yourself and having trust in yourself

Staying connected to your heart and higher self is the best way that you can strengthen and nurture a positive and loving relationship with yourself.

Take a few minutes each day to fill yourself up with love. Take a few deep breaths and see and feel a gold light coming down through the top of your head. This gold light is Universal Love. Continue to breathe in this incredible gold light and send it down throughout your entire body. With each breath feel this energy filling up each cell and radiating love.


Healing Your Feelings

Everyone experiences emotional pain. It is part of learning and growing. Pain brings attention to parts of yourself that need a healing.

Perhaps as a child you had an alcoholic parent who wasn’t able to create emotional space for you. Since you never learned how to feel safe with your feelings, you tend to hold back in relationships. 

Maybe you had your heart broken and the fear of getting hurt again stops you from putting yourself out there. Your head is constantly telling you it’s much better to fly solo than to put your trust in someone else again.

When you give in to these fears you create energetic blocks in your chakras. Over time these blocks manifest as anxiety, sadness, avoidance, fear of the future as well as physical symptoms.

It’s not uncommon to engage in obsessive or addictive behavior to distract yourself from these painful feelings.

Rather than empower negative and difficult emotions, try to embrace them and make space for them.  

By bringing your emotions into the light and tuning into the underlying patterns, your higher self is free to start healing the wounds.

Breath, meditation, grounding and energy work are all great ways to assist with this process and get you more connected!

Here’s a grounding exercise to help. Use your breath and release down your grounding cord anything that is keeping you feeling disconnected from your feelings.

Learn to Work Your Spiritual Muscles

Today I was at the gym and saw a woman working out with nylon stockings under her shorts. Since I have the benefit of clairvoyance I was able to read that this was because she was embarrassed about her legs.

How many times have you judged yourself or felt ashamed because you didn’t like something about yourself or didn’t feel good enough?

I’ve been around people who appear to have everything and should be joyful, but because they are completely disconnected all they can focus on is what they don’t have and how dissatisfied they are.

What does it mean to be connected?

Being connected means you are able to take a break from the world outside of you and go within to experience peace and a feeling of oneness with all of life.

In these quiet moments you will have access to your higher self and can open your heart to experience more harmony, joy, and self-acceptance.

When you have a strong connection to your spiritual energy, it changes the way you think and feel about yourself. When you are spiritually aligned, you see yourself as an expression of the divine and will have more trust and less fear.

Learning how to stay connected is an important step for anyone on a spiritual path because it allows you to come from a place of love, not only for yourself, but also for Mother Earth and all of humanity.

I am truly blessed to do the work that I do, as it keeps me in constant communication with the Universe and allows me to stay spiritually aligned.

I recommend setting aside time to develop your own connection to source. It should be personal and speak to you. Make it daily and know that it is a life long process!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Set aside time each day for this endeavor: It could be meditation, a walk in nature, listening to music, reading a spiritual book, watching an inspiring pet story, or connecting with like minded souls.

Make giving a part of your practice. It doesn’t always have to be financial; it can be your time, your energy and other resources.

Send love and healing energy to the planet. Any chance you get, pour love into the world.

Commit to being open and to never stop learning and embracing change.

Be grateful for all that you have, even the not so good since it will be an opportunity for growth.

Laugh – this allows you to release energy and to not take yourself so seriously.

Try not to judge. You always have a choice in how you see someone. By making the conscious decision to see the best in someone you are holding space for them to move to that new vibration.

Nurture your body with good food, rest and exercise.

Ease up on yourself – no-one's perfect!

Summer Love

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, yesterday was the Summer Solstice!

This is the time when our hemisphere is bathed in the most sunlight and the energy is at its strongest.

It's a great time of the year to reconnect with your higher self so you can consciously create what you really want.

Blocks and old patters become illuminated so you can be aware of new opportunities for growth and transformation.


This is the perfect reading to recharge your mind, body and spirit. During the reading, I will look at any old beliefs and programs that might be shutting you down energetically and keeping you from being open to the next step along your path. I recommend it for anyone wanting to experience change and new energy!


Last Healing Night was a total success! Come and join us this Monday 24th for a gentle and relaxing guided meditation. It's a wonderful way to get some 'you' time as well as connect with like-minded souls. It's between 6:30pm and 8pm at Stretch, 2509 Bush Street, San Francisco. I was inspired by a recent story featuring the San Francisco SPCA, so all proceeds from the evening will go to them. Healing Night is by donation and friends are welcome!


Let's expand and build a global community to spread positive energy in the world. I constantly work on healing the planet through energy. Connect with me to join in - I invite you to click on the TJC "like" button for daily healing and love!

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Much Summer Lovin' to You!