Making Genuine Connections

So much of life involves superficial interactions with people who are distracted and ungrounded.

That’s why it stands out when you make a genuine connection with someone - it’s uplifting and energizing.

What do I mean by a genuine connection?

It’s when you create an aura of trust and encouragement with someone - where you feel comfortable sharing your feelings, vulnerabilities and can be your most authentic self.

Forming a real connection with someone will make you feel less isolated, more hopeful and joyful. If you are experiencing a moment of grief, it can comfort you.

It’s also a spiritual connection that offers validation, insight and healing.

Validation happens when you experience self-acceptance and love and see this reflected in someone else.

As you feel more connected, your heart chakra will open up. You’ll notice that it’s easier to tap into the vibration of compassion and empathy.

What gets in the way of forming real connections?

When you are struggling to connect to someone else, it’s usually a sign that you are disconnected. Often, this will manifest as feelings of fear, negativity or stubbornness. It will be easier to cling to preconceived notions about people rather than being open and in the moment.

What steps can you take to open yourself up to a genuine connection?

I always say that there’s no substitute for being grounded. When you’re grounded, you feel more secure and calm. It allows you to tap into your feelings and instincts.

Practice honesty. Be real with someone. Take a chance.

Practice empathy. Listen to the other person. Imagine yourself in their shoes. Spiritually, we’re all made of the same Universal Energy.


Healing Your Feelings

Everyone experiences emotional pain. It is part of learning and growing. Pain brings attention to parts of yourself that need a healing.

Perhaps as a child you had an alcoholic parent who wasn’t able to create emotional space for you. Since you never learned how to feel safe with your feelings, you tend to hold back in relationships. 

Maybe you had your heart broken and the fear of getting hurt again stops you from putting yourself out there. Your head is constantly telling you it’s much better to fly solo than to put your trust in someone else again.

When you give in to these fears you create energetic blocks in your chakras. Over time these blocks manifest as anxiety, sadness, avoidance, fear of the future as well as physical symptoms.

It’s not uncommon to engage in obsessive or addictive behavior to distract yourself from these painful feelings.

Rather than empower negative and difficult emotions, try to embrace them and make space for them.  

By bringing your emotions into the light and tuning into the underlying patterns, your higher self is free to start healing the wounds.

Breath, meditation, grounding and energy work are all great ways to assist with this process and get you more connected!

Here’s a grounding exercise to help. Use your breath and release down your grounding cord anything that is keeping you feeling disconnected from your feelings.

Open Your Heart

At times, it’s easy to get caught up in negative energy and to feel angry about something that is happening to you or around you.

We are all spiritual beings and we all have the potential to experience so much love in our lives, however it starts with you!

When you allow more love and joy into your life, you will find yourself slowly beginning to let go of past pains, insecurities and invalidation.

By practicing forgiveness, being compassionate and avoiding judgment, you can let go of things that block your energy and stop you from being happy and in flow.

When you open up your heart and make the conscious decision to focus on a more positive and caring perspective, you will begin to infuse the situation with this energy.

I love Mother Earth so much! This video touches my soul and validates what a beautiful world we live in.

A Healing Paw

I am a cat mother to two precious felines, Moxie and Josie. Having them in my life brings me daily happiness!

I remember the first time I laid eyes on Josie. Jeremy and I had been talking about adopting a cat and I had been checking out local pet rescue organizations. One morning, I woke up and had a strong feeling that today I would find my baby. I went to Petfinder.com and there she was.

Vicky, her foster mom, lived in in San Jose, so we had to drive down to meet her.  When we arrived, Josie was incredibly nervous and hiding under a bed.  I coaxed her out and scooped her into my arms where she snuggled. It was love at first sight!

It took her a few months to relax and open up to us. Initially, she spent a lot of time hiding under a chair. Gradually, she blossomed into the little princess that she is now. Whenever I arrive home she runs to the door to greet me with sweet little meows.

She has the biggest eyes and is very expressive. She will gaze at me and then flop onto her side so I can scratch her tummy. Miss Josie loves nothing better than to sit on my keyboard while I am typing, or tear around as I am talking on the phone. Her energy is so pure and beautiful that it has the power to instantly lift my spirits and open up my heart.

There are many ways that pets heal us. Studies show that people with pets are happier, have less stress, are healthier and feel more connected. Animals are so therapeutic that at military hospitals like Walter Reed in D.C., they're using dogs to help soldiers cope with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Adopting Josie was one of the best things I ever did.

Did you know that there are between 5 and 7 million pets looking for homes right now?

While we can't adopt all of them, we can do our bit to help.
In honor of October being adopt a shelter pet, I will be hosting a healing night with all of the proceeds going to the East Bay Humane Society.

Mark your calendars for Monday October 29th between 6:30pm and 8:30pm @ the Butik

Friends, spouses, partners and children are all welcome!

6:30 – 7:30 PM: Guided meditation. Very relaxing!

7:30 – 8:30 PM: Short energy healings to clean out your chakras and energy channels.

Rather than set a specific amount, I am asking that you contribute whatever amount is most comfortable for you.

If you can't make it there are ways for you to be involved: you can donate directly to the EBHS, sponsor a pet, foster a pet, volunteer or talk to others about adopting a new best friend from a shelter.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. -- Anatole France