fear of nature

Take a Bite Out of Fear

Recently, I watched a nature program about the great white shark. I have always feared sharks and immediately pulled into my awareness the image of a killing machine, hunting the ocean for human blood!!

The fear of being attacked and eaten alive by a great white is shared by many people and has been reinforced through images, sensational stories and cult films.

As the nature show unfolded, the experts explained that great whites rarely hunt humans. They have a fragile digestive system that is unable to digest human bone. They may take an exploratory bite, but will retreat when they discover it's not seal or whale blubber.

In fact, you have a greater chance of being struck by lightening than being attacked by a great white!

This information allowed me to confront and begin to dispel my fear.

What fear has power over you?

This month I am offering sessions to help you address fears that are affecting your life. During the reading I take a look at what you worry about and help release the energy so you no longer have to hold it in place, inadvertently creating what you don't want! By releasing fear you become lighter and freer.