Wake up to Your Truth

Do you care what other people think about you? Fear of how others perceive you will put restrictions on how you experience life and will stop you from waking up to your highest good.

By not being true to yourself, you will invite feelings of dissatisfaction, self-criticism, alienation and anxiety due to not being in control.

The need to control is an illusion and is deeply rooted in fear.  Fear of the unknown, fear of abandonment, fear of failure, fear of being judged, the list goes on and on.

The ego is always seeking security and approval and gets in the way of us seeing deeper truths.

The first step to wake up to your truth is to accept who you are and love all the parts that make up you.

Begin to see yourself and everyone else though the eyes of unconditional love. Imagine the freedom and freewill you will experience as a result of seeing everyone at this vibration!

Let go of the need to base your identity on material success and the roles you play in life. The more spirit-centered you are, the more you can go beyond the physical realm and recognize your connection to all things.

Don't judge others. Judgment creates artificial boundaries separating you from the shared spiritual life force energy. From this space we are all connected and we are all one.

Try to get out of your head so you can stop overthinking. A lot of what we think about ourselves is only true because that's what we believe. Begin to change the channel on how you think about yourself and start to tell yourself a new story.

The only way to begin to interact differently is by doing! Start small and build on that.  With each new experience you will get more aligned to the magnificence that is you!

Unconditional Love

Leading up to the recent election, I found myself becoming more and more outraged by the words and actions of one of the participants.

Usually, I am able to ground myself and send unconditional love to any situation, but this particular ‘gentleman’ was lighting me up on all fronts!!

When I was able to take a breath and slow down, I began to listen to myself and realized that I was caught up in judgment.

The more I judged him, the more power he had over me. I could feel my energy being drained by this inner conflict.

I was in a jam…. what was I going to do to get back in balance and feel good again?

I was finally able to make the difficult conscious decision to forgive him and to let go of my negative energy around what he was doing.

To do this, I had to tap into Spirit and not rely on my ego, as ego just creates more judgment.

When I align myself to the Universal Consciousness, my awareness opens up and judgment dissipates, creating more ease and inner peace.

I can then see this person how the Universe sees him: happy, emotionally connected and spiritually aligned! All I want for him is to experience unconditional love, harmony and joy.

Unconditional love is the healing energy of the Universe and has the power to move all of humanity along a higher path.

I’m in, are you?