New Year, New Beginning

I always love the beginning of the year! For me, it's a wonderful opportunity to hit the reset button and start fresh.

It's the perfect time to look at the upcoming year and set your intentions. Think about all the areas in your life that you would like to continue to go deeper into.

I tend to focus on personal growth, career, relationships, spirituality, health, finances and community. 

For example, focusing on personal growth might entail working on your emotional state so that you can be more grounded.

Being open in your career space might mean that you find new ways to put yourself out there by getting a new job, taking a class or by starting that business you always dreamed of.

Going deeper in your relationship might be to work on the state of your current relationship so that you can discover new ways to communicate and be open.

To feel more connected spiritually you might begin a meditation practice so that you can be more calm and centered.

Improving your finances might be to make a budget so you can save money.

The desire to be help in your community might be to volunteer at your local pet shelter. 

It helps to write intentions down. This way they become concrete and anchored in reality, especially once the initial thrill has worn off and you encounter your first obstacle.

As you look at 2019, part of your journey might be to change certain beliefs about yourself. You might have a belief that you are too busy to meditate every day or that you are too old to learn a new job.

Get creative, especially when it comes to money. I can't tell you how often I hear “I can't do this because I don't have the money.” It's amazing how opportunities open up once you commit to your endeavor.

Whatever this year has in store for you, embrace any opportunity to be authentic, honest and real.


Dreams and Goals

Do you have a dream or goal that seems unreachable? The time to make it happen is now!

The biggest obstacles to achieving your dreams are perfect pictures. Perfect pictures block your creative energy and foster unrealistic beliefs about the way things "should" or "ought" to be.  When you create a perfect picture, you obsess over every detail and exert effort to make it happen.

When you have a goal or intention, you should simply put it out there and let it unfold.

The first thing to do is set a simple goal to provide a starting point and help get you moving.

Write it down so you can come back to it.

Set aside a little time each day to work on this space.

Meditation is a beautiful way to get in touch with your intuition and gain insight into next steps to reach your goal.

Stay in present time so you can remain open to new ideas and experiences.

Find a community of like-minded people to nourish and feed your dream!

Hang out and talk with other people on a similar path or journey. It's a wonderful way to stay motivated and inspired.

Remember, it's never too late to make a dream come true!


My Kiwi Tribe

Each of us wants to feel like we belong somewhere and that we have people in our lives that care about us and see us for who we truly are.

This need to connect to other human beings goes all the way back to our cavemen days. The survival and wellbeing of the tribe was dependent upon people looking out for one another and forming strong social bonds.

Even in this day and age, studies show that people who are part of a community are less likely to feel isolated, get depressed or become spiritually disconnected!

Most of you already know this, but for those of you who are new here, I’m originally from New Zealand. I moved to the Bay Area many years ago and while I feel very at home here, a few years ago I really started to feel cut off from my Kiwi roots.

I began to miss big things like the Maori culture, as well as the little things like phases and words that I grew up with. For example I bet you had no idea that a bach is a holiday home, a dairy is a convenience store and jandals are flip flops!

I began to experience a profound longing to re-connect with old friends and to have this energy in my life.

I set the intention that I wanted a much deeper connection to NZ without having to physically live there.

Thanks to Facebook old school friends began to re-emerge and I re-established a relationship with my best friend in high school.

Then along came the America’s Cup that took place in San Francisco.

The final was between Oracle and New Zealand. For me, it wasn’t just about the sailing competition. I had the opportunity to meet and bond with other New Zealanders who now reside here in the Bay Area.

Through our shared support and love of Team New Zealand, I experienced a strong sense of community that will continue long after the sailing is over.


  • Set your Intention
  • What do you like to do? Rescue animals, Yoga, Spirituality, Cook, Blog…
  • Reach out to people.
  • Be around others who share the same interests, background or goals
  • Be open to moving out of your comfort zone
  • Know that you are never alone. Your tribe awaits!

My kiwi friend Monique and I supporting Team NZ