Where’s Your Happy Place?

Do you have a special place you go to when you need to relax and unwind? Do you have a quiet sanctuary to go to when you feel stressed about relationships, work, money or life?

When we become disconnected, these are the places that naturally bring us back into a calm, relaxed and blissed-out state. These environments help reconnect us to our mind, body and spirit.

Okay, perfect! Problem solved…except maybe you can’t always escape to your special place when you need to.

To make matters worse, maybe you are required to be in an environment that is particularly chaotic and stressful – the exact opposite of what you need when you feel out of alignment.

What do you do when you need the positive and healing energy of your sanctuary but can’t get there?

The good news is that you have the ability to go to this magical place from anywhere and at any time.

It’s as easy as visualizing yourself in this space and tapping into the flow of energy you experienced while you were there.

The flow of energy is Universal Energy and it runs through everything. There are no limits to what it can do. 

When you are connected to Universal Energy you will notice that there is less conflict and chaos around you and stressful situations will resolve themselves naturally.

Whenever you need to reestablish your connection with the Universe simply close your eyes and create a mental picture of a place where you felt happy, peaceful and calm.

Maybe it’s in your garden surrounded by trees, flowers and birds or it was the last time you were at the beach listening to the sound of waves. The sun is on your face and everything is vibrant and alive.

Let the flow of energy move through every cell in your body and notice how much lighter and open you feel.


Meditation - The Joy of Going Within

When you hear the word meditation what comes to mind? Is it an image of a yogi sitting cross-legged under a tree? Do you believe that you need to sit for an hour or more to get any kind of benefit from meditation?

Meditation is simply the process of quieting the mind so you can feel more connected and peaceful.

There are many techniques you can use to do this and there is no right or wrong way. It really comes down to what works best for you.

For example, after experimenting with different times of the day, I found morning meditations work the best for me. Beginning my day this way allows me to get grounded and in alignment and I notice my day goes much more smoothly.

Some days the path to getting into a mindful state can be different than the previous day. I alternate between guided meditations, focused breath work or just sitting and letting my thoughts flow. It’s important when you are developing a regular meditation practice to stay open and be present to your ever changing needs.

All it takes is 10 - 15 minutes a day! Over time, you will notice that it’s much easier to respond to situations in a calm fashion. You will find yourself more centered, balanced and able to flow and navigate anything that comes your way.

Still a skeptic? Science is validating the benefits of meditation! Harvard conducted an 8-week study and found participants were more relaxed, more peaceful and their brain chemistry had altered.

I could rave on and on about how meditation has changed my life, but I encourage you to try it for yourself: here’s a short guided meditation I made. Enjoy!

Getting Reconnected

There may be times in your life when you feel blocked and things aren’t going well.

You feel disconnected. You feel overwhelmed by things happening around you - politics, environmental issues, disasters, suffering - and also things happening directly to you like health, family, relationship and financial issues.

When these things happen, you become fearful and old habits and defense mechanisms kick in.

These situations often leave you feeling powerless and shut off from your energy - you feel the Universe is not available to you in that moment.

The opposite is true. You have infinite Universal energy that can empower you to face any situation and create new solutions.

Getting reconnected to your energy is the key. When you do, you will begin to notice your energy flowing again and your mind and heart begin to open. You will feel light, alive and in the moment. From this place, you gain a new perspective, a new sense of calm and will often come up with a creative solution.

Getting reconnected is easy! The fastest and simplest way is through breath. Here's a simple breath technique that I use when things start to go awry:

Breath Technique

  1. Sit in a comfortable chair
  2. Close your eyes (this helps you to focus inward).
  3. Gently breathe in through your nose and send oxygen down into your belly. Exhale out through your mouth.
  4. Continue to inhale deeply through your nose and out through your mouth - this will slow your heart rate
  5. With each exhalation, feel your mental chatter and stress being released
  6. Focus on your breath so that you can continue to let go of your blocks, fears and distractions.
  7. Allow yourself to sink deeper into total stillness.
  8. When you find that place of stillness, give yourself some time to experience it.
  9. If you do not immediately find this place, don't worry. Try focusing on gold light to help calm your mind. Visualize the gold light entering your body with each breath.
  10. When you feel yourself restored, take a moment to enjoy this new feeling.

Guided Meditation

Here is a simple meditation for you to listen to.

Meditation is a wonderful way to help you release stress and be more present.

It’s a good idea to find somewhere nice and quiet and sit in a comfortable chair with your feet on the floor. This will help you stay grounded and allows for a good flow of energy.