Family Dynamics

Family interactions can be nurturing or stressful (or both!).

Relationships are nurturing when someone knows you and loves you. You can let your guard down and be yourself. There’s a feeling of comfort, familiarity and acceptance.

Relationships become stressful when people don’t see you as you are in the moment – they see you in the past. Your personal growth and evolution are invisible.

The way your family interacts with you often becomes part of your narrative. It influences how you see yourself.  It can become a significant block in your growth

What can you do if your family relationships are stressful or unhealthy?

The first step is to get connected with your energy. Center and ground yourself. Let go of any thoughts or anxieties to do with family.

Once you’re in a calm, grounded place, start to focus inward and tune into yourself. Take a few minutes to listen to your intuition and what feels true to you.

Trust that when you’re connected to your truth, you will be able to express yourself openly and in the moment.

Find a calm way to share what you’re feeling. It’s better to be honest and take a leap of faith with someone than stay in a negative dynamic.

The reality is, you are energetically connected to everyone in your family. When you grow and evolve spiritually, you are giving other family members permission to do the same.