Being a Cat Mom

Recently, I went on a trip and had to leave my precious cat babies - Moxie and Penny - for over a week.

No big deal, right? It shouldn’t have been except that my cat kids have a schedule that includes: supervised playtime outdoors on a deck, home-cooked meals and non-stop attention and pampering. 

The day before my trip, I had a sinking feeling. I had the realization that -SHOCK HORROR - Moxie and Penny would only be getting two meals a day and not their customary three (actually…more like six). What can I say, they have elevensies, afternoon tea, lunch, dinner, supper…what can I say…they’re my babies!!!

My wonderful neighbor and cat lover Chrissie looks after them while I am gone. Up until recently, she worked nearby and could dash home to give PenMo lunch. However, she had just started a new job and this was not going to be possible.

I quickly looked online to see if I could find a pet sitter to give them lunch and compliment the care “Aunt Chrissie” was going to be giving them.

It turned out to be a hassle to find someone so I decided to just hope for the best.

The first couple of days were fine. I was checking in with Chrissie via email and PenMo (PENny and MOxie) psychically via Universal Energy.

Day 5: A panicked Chrissie called to tell me that Penny wasn’t eating and seemed off.

She wanted to know if Penny should go to the vet.

This is when it’s great to be psychic! I said, “just give me 10 minutes to find out what’s going on”.

I set my energy and connected to Penny.

YIKES! This little lady was mad! All I saw around her first (survival) chakra was a red, irritated energy. And yes - animals have chakras too.

Penny was furious that I had left her. She psychically told me that she was bored and wanted to go outside on the deck. She showed me through pictures that her brother, Moxie - a senior kitty - was sleeping all day and not much fun.

Penny told me, she wouldn’t eat until something was done about the situation.

I called Chrissie back. I let her know that this wasn’t a medical emergency, and since it was the weekend, asked if she would spend some extra time hanging out with Penny.

Chrissie agreed and even said she could let the cats go out on the deck. The next pet report I got from her was that Penny had made a complete recovery and was lapping up all the extra attention ;-)

Any time there is an emotional, behavioral or medical issue with any one of my pets I always do a psychic reading on them. They love it and are very open when I communicate with them this way.

If you are interested in getting a psychic check-in on one of your pets click here.

Penny "The Diva" Challis

Penny "The Diva" Challis