Energetic Agreements

The Holidays are upon us!

Whatever your tradition, it's a time of gathering with family, friends and significant others. It's a festive time, but it can also be stressful.

Focusing on the relationships in your life – family, friends and significant others - can intensify unresolved feelings and conflicts. 

Perhaps you have a strained relationship with someone in your family? Or, maybe you've been ignoring a problem in your relationship?

Our relationships are a result of energetic agreements we have with other people. These agreements are a way for us to learn and evolve on a soul level.

Whether it's being born into a specific family (or joining one), having a child, meeting a spouse, making a friend or finding the perfect pet, all of these relationships happen because we need them for our spiritual growth. Our soul has made an agreement with the other person (or pet)If there is a stress in one of your relationships, what can you do?

Start by knowing that there is a reason for the relationship: this is an opportunity for growth and learning for you both.

Then ground yourself so that you can be open and listen. Make space for them to communicate and feel validated. Listen with a clear, quiet mind! 

While you want to be open, don't suppress or diminish your truth. Reflect on your journey – where you've been, what you've learnt. Being open to someone else doesn't mean forgetting the path you've taken. It's important that you share your experience with the other person for their spiritual growth. 

If you maintain openness to new ideas and connectedness with the truth and wisdom that you've learned, the energetic agreement will benefit you both.