Healing Relationships

I get clients who come to me and ask me to fix their relationship or to fix someone in their life so things will be easier. If only it were that easy!

Part of being on a spiritual journey is to develop the skills to evolve your relationships, but here’s the catch – it all starts with you!

While it is tempting to finger point and make it about the other person, true power comes from recognizing the role you play in the relationship. Then you can begin to release the negative emotions that cause you to feel angry, overburdened, guilty or resentful.

By shifting your attention back to you, you can consciously change how you see yourself. As you focus on your inner world, you learn how to stop taking on other people’s energy so that you stay aligned to your deeper spiritual truth.

This helps keep you grounded, calm and at peace with yourself.

We are all energy, so whoever you are dealing with will feel this shift and perceive you differently.

Even if this person never outwardly changes, you won’t continue to get caught in the cyclone of dissatisfaction and negative back and forth. Your new spiritual perspective will allow you to feel good about yourself and help keep your energy at a much higher vibration.

This is a much more empowered and loving way to be!

Here are some ways you can begin to heal yourself and your relationship:

  • Make the conscious decision to make it about you.
  • Change any outdated beliefs you have about yourself and your life.
  • Don’t judge yourself or the situation.
  • Be mindful of situations where you unconsciously slip back into negative thinking and begin to spiral down this path.
  • If you find yourself becoming obsessive or engaging in harmful thinking, distract yourself from the situation and refocus your thoughts and emotions on something positive.
  • Keep your energy focused on what you WANT, and not what you don’t want.
  • Close your eyes. In your mind’s eye, see that the relationship has already been healed. Tap into how good you are going to feel and let your body experience these emotions