Walking Your Path

Sometimes you have to deviate from your path so you can get clarity about what is not working in your life.  

If you are heading down the wrong path, over time you accumulate feelings of sadness, emptiness, resentment and the sense that you are getting left behind.

These feelings eventually come to a head. You can no longer ignore the situation and must be open to a new path forward.

Although the first step along this new path will feel unknown and scary, ultimately it will lead to growth and a rich, full life.

How do you find your new path?

Finding your path is not an act of searching but rather an act of allowing.

When you release perfect pictures around what you think you should be doing you allow yourself to be in the moment and respond to where your energy wants to take you.

By following what makes you feel alive, you will create things that support your purpose in life. You will be full of enthusiasm, have an abundance of new ideas and things just seem to fall into place.

This is the Universe working through you!